Champion Children Program 

The Champion Child Program is made up of 12 children with rare and/or undiagnosed conditions.

The program begins with each child becoming a spotlighted CC4C Champion Child for two years. Once accepted, the Champion Child is matched with a Champion High School Team, participates in our year round CC4C events and is eligible for financial assistance for medical expenses insurances deny through our Financial Assistance Program. New support added to the Champion Child Program is the Mental Health and Wellness Program. The Mental Health and Wellness Program is currently in the early stages and has successfully proven to be an area of need.

The interactions with the Champion High School Teams provide the children with inspiring events to look forward to and the ability to attend and participate in team gatherings that would otherwise be impossible.

These experiences help distract the children from the countless medical visits and procedures they endure.

Applications for the Champion Child program are available each year from August 1st thru January 31st.

Contact us if you'd like to be involved outside of the application window.

Champion Children Program 


At the conclusion of the two year Champion Child Program, there is unmistakable growth in each child’s confidence, engagement in the community and hope for recovery. These children then graduate and move on to our sustaining child program, before becoming alumni at age 19.

Sustaining & Alumni Children Program