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YH Leukodystrophy-POLR3B

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Lake Travis Cavaolettes

Alexis was two years old when she was diagnosed with severe myopia and referred for genetic testing. She tested for one condition and it was negative. About a year and a half later, her parents noticed severe changes in her balance and ability to walk. Alexis saw a neurologist, and her MRI showed clear signs of 4H Leukodystrophy. This discovery was followed by a full genome sequencing which established the cause as POLR3B mutations.

Alexis’ condition involves a central nervous system deterioration. She has fewer myelin in her brain cells, so everything connecting to her nerves is slower. She has vision problems including CVI, Myopia, and visual processing disorder. Spasticity in her muscles negatively impacts her ability to walk and limits her balance and coordination, so she uses a walker. It is difficult for her to swallow and talk, however she can still eat and verbally communicate. She also has a tremor in her hand which strains her writing and tracing ability. Alexis’ condition affects her mood, gives her whole-body fatigue, and will continue to deteriorate before one day taking all of her abilities.

Alexis is very strong-willed. She likes completing tasks and enjoys being outside swinging. She is also fascinated with animals! She is in hippotherapy at Red Arena with horses and developed a deep affection for them. She also loves dress-up and anything princess. She is passionate about music and dance and takes dance classes. Being around her cousins and friends makes her very happy!

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