Our volunteer teams are an integral part of the function and health of our charity. We want to create an environment to challenge our hearts to grow while supporting the families and children of CC4C.

There are numerous ways to get involved. You can choose a specific team to serve with, or you can help in the general areas of need.

The overarching goal in our volunteer team is to come with a heart to serve and share your gifts, allow yourself to build a community and know that together we thrive.

Please contact Monina Mercado, our Volunteer Manager, to learn how you can get involved or submit the application form below!



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Kristie Kallgren

First of all, I am humbled and grateful everyday for the Champion High School program. The high school teams program is one where the 12 active CC4C children are matched with their local high school “dream team.” They then become an honorary teammate, where the children are provided a sense comradery and community. The support from student athletes brings the CC4C children joy, instills confidence, and a provides inspiration as they navigate their daily struggles. In turn, the program provides a platform in which students become role models, learn compassion and empathy, and serve a purpose higher than themselves. In summary, the program not only provides support to children who need and deserve it, but it also shapes our local high school students into servant leaders of the future.