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  • Who is CC4C & what does it stand for?
    CC4C is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for rare/undiagnosed children. CC4C stands for Cheyanna’s Champions for Children. Cheyanna suffered from fructose and sucrose malabsorption disorder, a rare disorder, and is CC4C Founder, Talaya Frazier’s daughter.
  • How do you help children with rare or undiagnosed conditions?
    We match each Champion Child with a “dream team," composed of businesses, individuals or high school teams, who dedicate their season to the child. We also provide financial assistance to help pay for medical expenses insurance may not cover or deny. We hold inspirational fundraising events for the children, host events for CC4C parents, siblings and families that promote Family Well-Being, as well as offer resources for our Rare network.
  • How many children and their families do you support?
    CC4C has a large and growing community. CC4C programs reach more than 100+ children and continues to increase. Our reach includes children in over 43 cities across the state of Texas.
  • Does CC4C exclusively help children from Austin?
    CC4C focuses on building a strong interactive community around each child in the Austin and surrounding areas. However, CC4C helps children all over the state of Texas. The purpose of the organization is to inspire each child to believe in their future and hope for what good tomorrow will bring. Our intention is to implement chapters in other cities once we are certain we can reproduce the community support for the children.
  • How does CC4C decide who receives help?
    All families who are looking for financial medical assistance must apply through our website and meet eligibility requirements. Application submissions are available online from Aug. – June/July of each year, or until funds are exhausted. CC4C helps children with rare/undiagnosed conditions by providing medical reimbursements throughout the state of Texas through our Financial Medical Assistance program.
  • How do you allocate the funds and support the families?
    All funds are determined by our annual budget approved by our Board of Directors. Each family is offered the same financial assistance opportunities. We also provide the families with benefits that aren’t attributed to costs, such as donated counseling, events and support through our different programs.
  • I know of someone who could use your help, how do I connect them with you?
    Please visit our website, call 512.777.1065 or email
  • How do I know if my child’s condition is rare?
    Your primary care physician should be able identify your child’s condition. The National Organization for Rare Diseases website offers a search engine for rare diseases.
  • What can I provide to show my child is undiagnosed?
    A certified physician must verify your child is undiagnosed and medically complex.
  • Can more than one child per family be a part of CC4C?
    Yes, more than one child in a family can be a part of CC4C, but there are guidelines that must be followed for families with multiple children suffering from rare or undiagnosed diseases. Call 512.777.1065 or email for more information.
  • How do I sign up to volunteer or have my children volunteer to help CC4C?
    Visit our Volunteer page on our website at, call 512.777.1065 or email for more information on how to Get Involved.
  • How can I have my donation matched by my employer?
    You may check with your employer's HR department or check on Matching Gift Search to find out if your employer will match any charitable contribution or volunteer service hours.
  • Will my child qualify for CC4C help if my family receives financial government assistance?
    Government assistance does not exclude your family from being a part of CC4C. Please apply online for financial medical assistance at for your child to be a part of CC4C.
  • Where can I find the application forms for CC4C?
    The application forms for CC4C are located on our Financial Assistance page here:
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