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Parent Testimonials 


Michael Slotboom & Trace Frank

Parents of Noah 

[Noah’s] therapies and medical travel would not be possible without the financial support of CC4C. Having out-of-pocket expenses covered for Noah’s medical care, including surgeries and MRI’s, has been a godsend.

Chris & Pam Andrews

Parents of Belle

Belle grew in heart, strength, and spirit through the love and generosity of CC4C, Hyde Park Cheerleaders and Neufit. She beams from ear to ear when she gets to be a part of the programs we’ve been introduced to through CC4C. Thank you is not nearly enough. We truly love and appreciate all that CC4C has brought to our lives. What a gift!


Scott and Adrienne Trigg

Parents of Hayden

I am not short on words or pictures on how much CC4C has done for our family directly and indirectly. Having a team like LT and a champion like CB who makes Hayden feel like a rock star through all his toughest challenges has been simply amazing. CB has been genuine, compassionate and relatable.

As for us as families, we have all participated and none of the other siblings felt excluded. That was the best part for our family. And as for parents, the medical research resources are more than I have ever received for the past 7 years. I am constantly trying to research independently through advocacy all that I can and it is mind blowing to have others help, especially when you are not paid medical providers.”

Angie and Mike Hobbs

Parents of Joseph

“The emotional support that CC4C gives our son and our whole family makes such an enormous difference to us. All the opportunities for fun distract Jeremy from the hard medical appointments and procedures that take over his life. When he is feeling down about how he has to go to crummy appointments all the time, we can remind him about all the cool stuff that he gets to do with CC4C that most other kids his age don’t get to do. Being on the high school football team gave him such a sense of purpose. He took his presence at the games very seriously, and he felt proud that he could make a difference by supporting and motivating his team. We are grateful for all that CC4C has done and continues to do for our family!”


High School Testimonials 

Coach Mark McKnight

Regents Mens Basketball-Coach Mark McKnight

Let me start by saying that our team loves Jo Jo! All of our players light up when he is around and I think they are all inspired by him.

Our first interaction with Jo Jo was during one of our late afternoon weightlifting workouts.

Jo Jo’s eye lite up when he came into the weight room and saw all of our long tall players. I’m sure they must have looked gigantic to him. All of the boys came up and shook his hand and made him feel welcomed.

After that we all came out to support him during the micro marathon. This was a really great moment. Before he saw us near the last leg of the race he was tired and his mom was pushing him in his little buggy. But when he saw our team with all of our signs he decided to RUN.

He ran the whole last leg of the race and our team joined in to ran with him. Seeing that kid push through the end of the race touched us all. After that the boys came up with a #jojostrong. We are looking forward to having him withe us for the rest of the season. He doesn’t know it but he really inspires us much more than we could ever inspire him.

Coach Clint Baty

Lake Travis Mens Basketball- Coach Clint Baty

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time as Jacob’s Champion Team.  Our involvement with this organization has given us an opportunity to serve and support a family in our backyard through a very tough journey.  It has given us (coaches and players in our basketball program) great perspective on the really important things in life.  We know that God has a plan for Jacob and the Ouellete family through this trial.  He continues to model his motto, “I’m not afraid”, every time we see him.  In sports we are always trying to win championships so that we can be called champions some day, but Jacob and the Ouellete family are lifetime champions by their courage and strength through a very tough time.  We are very blessed to be his support team.

Coach Jenny Richardson

Georgetown High School Volleyball-Coach Jenny Richardson

Avery attended most of our home games when her schedule permitted.  She sat on our bench and was involved in time outs. We made signs and are ready to cheer her on during her track season which is starting shortly.

Over the last 2-years not only have we built relationships with Avery, but also her  brother who attends Georgetown.  We have enjoyed watching Avery grow up.

Coach Hank Carter

Lake Travis Football-Coach Hank Carter

Quote from one of our players that we find most fitting.

“This is more than just a game, it’s family”

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