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Our Story

A sick child, with an unknown disorder


In 2006, my infant daughter, Cheyanna, became ill and not a single doctor or specialist could diagnose her disorder. My family and I felt isolated, desperate and afraid. At the time, there was no community support for us. Not a single doctor, family member or friend could understand our situation. Eventually, we learned she had a very rare condition that had no treatment or cure. However, we continued to seek therapies and treatments.


Through perseverance, we found healing  


Eventually we did discover a solution and received a miracle healing. In 2012, motivated by this frightening and frustrating experience, I started Cheyanna’s Champions 4 Children (CC4C) in the hopes that more children with undiagnosed or rare conditions would have an opportunity to heal. My journey taught me that there are countless children like Cheyanna who need a Champion to fight for them. At that time, CC4C was the only non-profit of its kind in the state. 


Thousands of children have been helped


My path was unclear but my determination was unwavering. Today, with the help of a large team of volunteers, supporters, and staff, CC4C’s mission has enhanced the lives of thousands of children battling rare and undiagnosed medical conditions in Texas. We provide children and families access to mental health and wellness programs, offer financial assistance, and give them access to events and experiences that otherwise would be impossible.


Together, we can Champion these children and their families out of the darkness of isolation and into the light.


-Talaya Frazier, founder

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Thanks to grantors like Chive Charities and their $10,000 grant for our financial medical assistance program, we are able to assist more families with children with rare or undiagnosed conditions.


Read OUR STORY as shared by Chive Charities.

To enhance the quality of life for children and families in Texas with rare and undiagnosed conditions.



Any child, anywhere, without answers to their illness, will have a community to turn to for resources and support to heal.

CC4C is a faith-based organization.



Each child is placed on a high school “Dream Team.” The team dedicates their season to bringing joy and inspiration to the child by making them an honorary teammate and  providing unique opportunities for the child.  In turn, the program inspires the high school students to be role models, make an impact and live with empathy for others.


Each CC4C family has funding available to them through CC4C’s Financial Assistance Program. This program helps cover medical expenses insurances deny. Such expenses include homeopathic, eastern and western medical treatments/therapies, mental health support as well as travel to specialists that may not otherwise occur without the financial assistance.


Each CC4C family has the opportunity to participate in our Mental Health and Wellness Program. The Mental Health and Wellness program supports the CC4C children and their entire family.


CC4C hosts inspirational events for moms, dads, siblings and families to create lifetime memories, unforgettable family bonding and a close community of support.  We organize campaigns and fundraisers to enable us to provide CC4C families with our programs, as well as bring awareness to the needs of this population.

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