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Hi,  My Name Is




Years Old.


“There’s Nothing I Don’t Love”


tremendous difficulty and daily legally blind at eight weeks of age.

High School Team:

Westlake Cheer

Dream Team:

Drew Womack

Amelia Berger—Mila to friends and family—was diagnosed as legally blind at eight weeks of age. Soon after, it became apparent she also had microcephaly. Two years and 18 specialists later, she was given the unconfirmed diagnosis of Microcephalylymphedema-chorioretinal dysplasia. This geneticcondition limits her to a few “peepholes” of blurred eyesight. Mila has been in occupational, physical, vision and orientation/mobilitybased therapies since birth. In spite of tremendous difficulty and daily challenges related to her low vision, she is starting first grade this year and continuing her study of Braille as her primary medium for learning. Mila loves connecting with people through her AMAZING attitude and personality! The world is truly a better place with Mila in it, and we are all better individuals from what she teaches us

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