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Years Old.


"Your Voice is an Art"


uplifting the rare
& undiagnosed

High School Team:

Dream Team:

Kaitlin Harty

Greysen has a history of chronic illness since birth. Many bouts with croup, in amed airway disease, chronic ear and sinus infections, unusual allergies and GERD. Greysen also had a signi cant speech disorder and social anxiety. Doctors weren't sure why she was having so many continued health issues and not outgrowing them as expected. Tested for Cystic Fibrosis three times with no answers, we treated symptoms while searching for answers. Greysen always has had an amazing zeal for life despite having to learn to adapt and continues to do so. She stopped riding her bike and participating in many activities at 6 or 7. She would trip and fall at school or with friends starting around 9 or 10, but it was never realized until two years ago when she became con ned to a wheelchair that she was losing feeling and control of her legs all along. Currently she has bilateral loss of sensation in both legs and some loss of sensation in her right arm and hand. Greysen also developed irregular blood sugars, tremors, joint pain, migraines and extreme fatigue. We are still searching for underlying causes and an ultimate diagnosis. Greysen is enrolled in a genetic study and has spent much of 2018 in the hospital, but we are hopeful in her progress. Currently, Greysen’s doing physical therapy and occupational therapy while preparing to return to nish high school. She has been diagnosed with dystonia, gastroparesis, and a very severe case of dysautonomia. Greysen is passionate about animals and has a keen connection with them. She fosters kittens, puppies and loves training horses. She also lls her free time with art, volunteering at church, and reading

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