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Hi,  My Name Is




Years Old.


Never Give Up"


Chromosome Deletion 10q22.3q23.2

High School Team:

Regents Knightline

Dream Team:

Nicolette was born with a congenital heart defect, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and two Ventral Septal Defects. She had a sever reflux that caused projectile vomiting and was only able to be syringe fed. At 18 months, she was diagnosed with mixed expressive/receptive language disorder and began speech therapy. As time passed, she went to see more specialists and continued to receive more diagnoses. Eventually, Nicolette's doctor requested genetic testing which led to a diagnosis of Chromosome Deletion 10q22.3q23.2 and missing more than 100 genes. She continues to see a genetic doctor and new specialists who help prevent and treat her conditions. Despite her medical conditions, Nikki is the sweetest girl and is loving, caring, and always happy. She loves giving hugs. Her therapists and teachers say she brightens their day and is like a ray of sunshine! She loves Sonic the Hedgehog, cats, and listening to DJs Zedd and Martin Garix

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