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"Smarter Than You Think"



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Braden was born at 34 weeks by emergency c-section with central hypotonia (low muscle tone, extreme head lag), no suck, swallow, gag or cough reflex. He had neonatal encephalopathy, severe developmental delay, optic nerve hypoplasia (ONH), hypermetropia, cortical visual impairment, intermittent extropia, 50% bilateral conductive hearing loss before PE tubes, 20-30% loss after PE tubes (chronic purulent otitis media, actute otitis media), tracheitis, gastroesophageal reflux disease, micrognathia (small, set back jaw), a strong, left cavovarus foot deformity, generalized convulsive epilepsy, epilepsy characterized by intractable complex partial seizures, and unfortunately, he’s still undiagnosed with an unknown type of neurometabolic disorder/infantile cerebral palsy. Braden enjoys bath time and going to the beach. He also loves to swing in circles and throw rings to his nurses, teachers, therapists, mom, dad and Grandma. He also takes pleasure in watching cartoons and game shows.

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