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Years Old.


"I can and I will"


Limb Girdle 2A Muscular

High School Team:

Dream Team:

In May of 2017, Brooklyn's aunt tried to teach her a cartwheel and noticed she couldn't catch herself with her arms. Bloodwork and genetic tests showed a diagnosis of Limb Girdle 2A Muscular Dystrophy (LGMD2A), also called calpainopathy. This diagnosis is a progressive muscle wasting disease with no current treatment or cure. In most cases, patients experience symptoms by age 20 (Brooklyn was 8).Typically, the earlier the onset, the more severe

symptoms over time. In May of 2020, Brooklyn had double heel lengthening surgery to help flatten her feet to facilitate safer and more balanced walking. Before this, she was walking on her toes due to muscle contractures and frequently fell down. Patients with LGMD2A usually have difficulty with daily living activities, such as climbing stairs and rising from a chair -both of which Brooklyn struggles with.

Brooklyn is sweet, kind, determined, smart, caring, and organized. She has a smile that lights up the room and most days has a positive attitude regarding life and her condition. She loves babysitting her little sister, taking hip hop dance classes, cooking, and traveling.

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