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Hi,  My Name Is




Years Old.


"Be strong and courageous"


IgA deficiency

High School Team:

Georgetown Football

Dream Team:

Shannon Sarnella

Emory was diagnosed with an IgA deficiency at age 5. As a young child, he underwent multiple surgeries related to ear nose and throat problems. After diagnosis, he started receiving IgG infusions on a weekly basis at home. He has struggled with feelings of isolation and had difficulty accepting that the treatment must continue indefinitely. His health problems have improved dramatically on this current therapy and he is leading an active life, with much less time spent dealing with infections. He loves to play outside, enjoys different sports and is active in Cub Scouts. Academically, he is attending school every day and performing appropriately for his age. Because he has not spent much time around other children with unusual health issues, we are hoping he can be exposed to other children facing similar challenges.

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