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Hi,  My Name Is




Years Old.


'Free From PICC Line"


a rare condition that affects her ability to absorb nutrients

High School Team:

Dream Team:

Desiree Ficker

Desiree Ficker – Drew's Champion Athlete Ambassador Founder of Ma Ficker Foundation for colon cancer research in honor of her mother. Junior Olympics participant, Univ of Alabama track & field scholarship athlete, 2011 Austin Marathon winner, 2009 NYC Marathon 10th place, Riley is suffering from a rare condition that affects her ability to absorb nutrients. It took over 3 years for her diagnosis, and her parents and two siblings have been true warriors in their fight to find a cure. The stress that the entire family undergoes is unimaginable and they have fought for her every step of the way. During those long three years, Riley suffered through endless testing that returned no results. At one point in time, the doctors even recommended psychiatric counseling because they couldn't find the real physical problem. Her family refused to give up. The condition will leave Riley forever changed, but she has an opportunity to live a relatively full life if she is extremely careful with her health and nutrition. Her first goal is to be free of her pic line that is currently providing all of her nutritional needs. While being championed by Desiree Ficker and the Cheyanna Foundation, Riley has discovered that she is a gifted speaker. She feels compelled to reach out to other suffering children and spread the message of hope and healing.

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