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Years Old.


"Nothing is too big, ho one is too small"


Congenital Pseudarthrosis of the Fibula

High School Team:

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Romp N' Run Ranch

Olivia's brave journey started when she was quite young. When she was seven months old, she fractured her fibula. The extent of the injury led the medical team to suspect abuse, and then a possible tumor. After six months of investigating, the medical team finally put a name to her condition: congenital pseudarthrosis of the fibula. Essentially when the bone breaks, it either takes a long time to heal or it never heals at all.

Olivia's fibula fracture persisted for around four years through three major surgeries before it was considered healed, and she is still at risk of a refracture. Her care and surgeries require her to travel out of state to specialists knowledgeable about her condition.

Olivia's doctors are actively identifying potential fractures, so she wears an Ankle Foot Orthosis to hopefully prevent them from occurring. On top of this ongoing concern, she deals with many other medical symptoms including cyclical vomiting syndrome, ADHD, speech delay, failure to thrive, and possible sensory processing disorder.

Despite the difficulties, Olivia is always a happy girl. She loves to learn, go to school, and play with friends. She also has a passion for playing piano and sings every word of her favorite songs. She enjoys anything to do with dogs and is a longtime fan of Paw Patrol.

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