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Years Old.


"You Go Girl"


PCDH19 Epilepsy

High School Team:

Lake Travis Theater

Dream Team:

Isabella was born healthy. At 6 months old she began having seizures and had several hospitalizations through her first 4 years of life. Eventually doctors recommended a temporal lobe resection at the age of 4. This led to complications, resulting in an MRSA infection. After the infection, it took over 2 years for her to regain speech and mobility. She continued to have daily seizures until 3 years ago, when her family found out she had a genetic form of epilepsy, PDCH19. Isabella is currently trying a version of Modified Atkins diet. We have participated in sharing our medical records for research with the PCDH19 alliance. We have also done additional treatments which include Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS), ablation surgery, and Epidiolox. Isabella has a strong family and church network. She also has a network of support associated with genetic disease. Despite her challenges, she loves to dance and act. She participates in a yearly dance program where they accommodate the performances to allow her to participate. She loves to cook, color, and draw. She also likes to swim, enjoys caring for 

others, and loves watching cooking videos.

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