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Hi,  My Name Is

Bryce Moline



Years Old.


"Don't forget to laugh"


Bryce was born extremely premature, Bryce's pineal gland, in the center of his brain

High School Team:

Leander Baseball

Dream Team:

Jeni Raymond

Bryce was born extremely premature and at home where his parents had to give their 1 1/2 pound, 12" tall infant CPR until emergency responders arrived. From there Bryce spent the next 5 months in the Neonatal ICU at Dell Children's hospital. He has endured numerous brain surgeries, countless therapies and visits to specialists ever since. When Bryce was 5, a routine MRI discovered that Bryce's pineal gland, in the center of his brain, is enlarged to 2-3 times its normal size. Another routine test, an X-ray this time, discovered that Bryce's hips are slowly but steadily dislocating. He will endure a 2 hour gait analysis this September at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas to determine if his back-kneeing can be surgically corrected. If that is deemed possible then Bryce will undergo that surgery at the same time that both of his hips are surgically repaired. Even though Bryce is non-verbal, to the befuddlement of his specialists and speech and language therapists, he is able to communicate many of his needs and desires through the use of a combination of signs and gestures. He tells us jokes and makes the people around him smile - Bryce is indeed a fighter and no matter how many times he has fallen, he always gets up with a smile on his face to try again.

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