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Years Old.


“Let Your Light Shine"


Foxgi Syndrome

High School Team:

Dream Team:

Orchestra - Ann Richards School
for Young Women Leaders (AISD)

Clarissa’s parents noticed that she was not developing normally around six months when she started missing notable milestones. She was referred to a specialist at Texas Children’s in Houston that was part of the Rett and Foxg1

NHS study. At nine months old they diagnosed her with Foxg1, and she started therapy. Since then, she has been a brave little fighter, constantly improving.

Clarissa’s condition affects her brain development. She is nonverbal, otherwise developmentally delayed, and dependent on her parents for all daily activities. She has low muscle tone, wears braces, and has a wheelchair. She is learning to walk with the assistance of a gait trainer but constantly moves her body due to ataxia. She takes medicine for epilepsy and also has a G-tube for most of her daily nutrition, but she does enjoy some foods and

drinks without it.

Clarissa’s sister is one of her biggest cheerleaders, and her family finds so much joy from spending time with her and having a wonderful life together. Clarissa is a very happy girl who loves music, swimming, and spending time

with her family. Despite being nonverbal, she is a people watcher, enjoys being around others, and is very sociable.

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