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Years Old.


'You can fly higher"


Psoriatic Arthritis (juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis)

High School Team:

Dream Team:

Cedar Park HS Volleyball

Brendan was brought to urgent care for what was believed to be a broken ankle. Over the course of six months, he saw several doctors, pediatricians, and orthopedic specialists for unexplained pain that wasn’t improving with everyday treatments. He had multiple X-rays, exams, bloodwork, and an MRI that resulted in referrals to a rheumatologist, pediatric ophthalmologist, and dermatologist.

Finally, Brendan was diagnosed with juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis-Psoriatic Arthritis & Enthesitis Arthritis. He started on medication injections weekly, and for the first six months after diagnosis he saw a physical therapist to help him regain lost muscle mass and tone. Every three months he gets bloodwork done and sees the rheumatologist. He visits the dermatologist and ophthalmologist every six months and takes folic acid daily. Brendan has inflammation and pain in his feet, ankles and knees. If a flare-up happens, he has trouble walking and moving around.

Besides this diagnosis Brendan also deals with allergies, asthma, alopecia, amblyopia, eczema, extra teeth, and frequent ear infections resulting in tubes. Some of these health problems have persisted throughout his entire life.

Brendan absolutely LOVES volleyball, and it helps him mentally with his diagnoses. He enjoys video games, anime, and learning about space and traveling. He is also passionate about baking and wants to learn how to make gourmet cakes and cupcakes. Some of his favorite shows are Sugar Rush and all the baking competition shows.

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