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Ulcerative Colitis (UC)

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Paul Carmona

Paul Carmona – Christian's Champion Athlete Ambassador. Attorney and Founder and Head Coach of Twenty-Six Two Marathon Club, the Boston Marathon this April will mark the completion of his 30th marathon. He has also finished more than 35 triathlons of all distances and is the manager for the Finish Line at the Austin Marathon Christian's diagnosis and disease has been quite complicated from its onset. At nine years old, he became very ill and Dr's knew that there was a chronic illness to be diagnosed, but they needed to wait for the viral infection that had exacerbated his symptoms to run its course before diagnosis. Christian was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC). He has had his colon/large intestine removed. He remained out of school for a long period in 5th grade to be treated. He lived with a central line for about six months and a colostomy bag for nearly a year. He underwent PT as well to regain the strength in his right leg and get help walking normal again. Christian's reconstructive surgery took place nearly a year later and the bag was removed. His reconstructed small intestine prolapsed, and he returned for corrective surgery and returned to the bag for another while. He was out of school for the most of his 7 th grade. Christian is treated by GI specialists and Hematologist and Rheumatologists are very involved in his treatments. Christian continues to lose blood excessively at times and he has been severely malnutritioned and very, very thin. Recently he was able to gain 14 lbs. He takes many supplements to help along the way. Today, he continues with infusion treatment, oral medications and couple of blood and iron transfusions throughout the year.

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