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Hi,  My Name Is




Years Old.


"Work hard. Play hard."



High School Team:

Dream Team:

Vandegrift HS Football

Colton is a sweet soul and an incredible fighter! Shortly after Colton was born, his family noticed that he seemed "floppy" and not fully aware of his limbs. In preschool, he lacked bodily awareness and experienced developmental and speech delays. A microarray test showed a deletion on chromosome 17p13.1 and a duplication on chromosome 12p13.11-q13.12. These chromosomes do not have any syndromes associated with them, so despite the results Colton’s condition remains undiagnosed.

Since he was a baby, Colton attended therapies 3 to 4 times a week. He goes to Speech, Physical and Occupational Therapy. In addition, he has received Vision Therapy and Swim Therapy. He has speech difficulty, fine/gross motor delays, and motor planning issues. He struggles with basic life skills and uses a word processor to complete his work at school.

Colton is always so enthusiastic and works hard every day. Football is his favorite! He loves sports and wants to play on a team one day. He enjoys playing trivia games, especially sports trivia, and playing Nintendo switch. Colton is very friendly, and he delights in trying different things and meeting new friends.

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