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Hi,  My Name Is




Years Old.


"Love Is All you Need"


Undiagnosed along with Autoimmune

- Encephalitis of the Basal Ganglia,
Lymphadenopathy, Juvenile Idiopathic
Reactive Arthritis, Enthesitis

High School Team:

Dream Team:

Lake Travis STEM Academy

Anders is a fighter who has both rare and undiagnosed conditions. Autoimmune Encephalitis requires that he receive ongoing infusions, and he sees many specialists. He is immunocompromised and fights fatigue and frustration as he is unable to attend school daily. Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis limits his ability to participate in sports and other physical activities. This issue also causes great physical discomfort, and his body does not respond to medications. Instead, Anders receives injections to control the inflasnmation.  Failure to grow is another symptom he experiences, though the direct cause of this continues to elude his medical team.

Overall Anders is a happy, social boy who struggles to be a kid on the day to day. He is in and out of tests, treatments, and appointments. Anders is definitely an extrovert who LOVES nature. When he is able, hikes, swimming and camping are some of his favorite pastimes.

Anders plays electric guitar, bass, and enjoys all types of music. He is fascinated with all things space-related, especially anything to do with space, NASA and Space X. Even so, he dreams of going to school to be a veterinarian!

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