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Hi,  My Name Is




Years Old.


"Nothing Stops Me"



High School Team:

Dream Team:

San Marcos Men's Basketball

Axxton is a strong fighter! He endured severe medical abuse at birth before entering into the foster care system. Axxton found his forever family at eleven months old when he was placed with the Murken family, who went on to adopt him when he was three and a half years old.

Axxton'’s condition is medically complicated — he has a suspected genetic condition that remains undiagnosed, in addition to Cerebral Palsy. He requires constant care, though he is the happiest little guy in the world! While he is nonverbal, Axxton is very smart and has the ability to clearly get his point across. He works hard in various therapies, and he loves interacting with people.

Axxton is so happy and full of smiles. Like any other boy, he enjoys crashing things! He also loves balls and playing outside.

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