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Years Old.


Philippians 4:13


fructose and sucrose malabsorption disorder

High School Team:

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Cheyanna was turned over to a team of doctors at Dell Children’s Medical Center when she was nine months old. Despite the fact she was consuming more calories than a grown man, she failed gain weight or grow for nearly a year. She had zero satiety with unending hunger, screaming for food 24/7. After countless doctors’ visits, exploratory surgery and extensive testing, her medical team remained baffled and ultimately labeled her condition, “failure to thrive.” She was listless, losing her hair and unable to speak. After nearly two years of no diagnosis, Talaya, Cheyanna’s mom expanded her search to alternative medicine and finally discovered Cheyanna had fructose and sucrose malabsorption disorder. This diagnosis was later confirmed by her team at Dell Children’s. The Fraziers were told she would have this rare condition for life. Cheyanna’s nutritional deficiencies lead to several physical conditions which also affected her emotional behaviors. The emotional behaviors presented challenges of their own. As Talaya explained, “She developed the mentality of a child who had been starved. She would hide food, search for food in trash cans and never stop eating even when full.” However, after years of prayer, mental, physical, and nutritional therapies, Cheyanna was eventually healed able to start school at age six. Her healing inspired the Fraziers to start Cheyanna’s Champions 4 Children. They wanted Cheyanna’s story of healing to be an inspiration to never lose hope and for families who have children with rare or undiagnosed conditions to have a place to turn to for support and opportunity to heal.

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