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Nicolette's Dream Journal 

Age 18

Motto: "Never Give Up"
Diagnosis: Chromosome Deletion 10q22.3q23.2
High School Team: Regents Knightline




Nikki had an amazing time during her trip to Utah! She rode the recumbent bike for the first time and absolutely LOVED it!!! I never thought she would be able to ride a bike! She also met her best friend- Isabella during this trip!!! Nikki has also conquered her fear of heights and had a FANTASTIC time on the challenge course!!!


THANK YOU so much CC4C!!!

Nikki 4.jpg
Nikki 2.jpg
Nikki 1.jpg


Nikki is so happy today! Her school published her book, says Nelly, Nikki's mom. You can read about the author...and yes, she is our SUNSHINE!

Nikki Author.jpg
Nikki Book.jpg


Nelly, Nikki's Mom gave a heartfelt thank you for Nikki's new therapy equipment.

"THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!" Just thank you so much, CC4C! Nikki told me today that her back feels so much better and not hurting as much, and it's now more straight!!! It made me cry!!


Nikki wrote thank you cards and I will bring them for Mom's Night.  So blessed and grateful to be part of CC4C!"


August 2020

Nicolette was born with a congenital heart defect, Autism Spectrum Disorder and two Ventral Septal Defects. She had severe reflux that caused projectile vomiting and was only able to be syringe fed. At 18 months, she was diagnosed with mixed expressive/receptive language disorder and began speech therapy. As time passed, she went to see more and more specialists and continued to receive more labels and diagnoses, such as motor coordination disorder, low muscle tone, autism spectrum disorder, and reactive airway disease.

Eventually, her doctor was able to request genetic testing and she was finally able to receive a diagnosis of chromosome deletion 10q22.3q23.2. Upon receiving more information about this diagnosis, she and her family finally felt like all her medical conditions were described and explained. They had an answer.


She continues to see a genetic doctor, who has introduced her to other specialists that have helped prevent and treat her conditions, due to her missing more than 100 genes.


Despite all of her medical conditions, Nikki is the sweetest little girl, who is loving, caring, and always happy. She loves giving hugs. Her therapists and teachers tell us she brightens their day and is like a ray of sunshine! She loves My Little Ponies, Rainbow Fairies Books, as well as art. She also loves listening to music with some of her favorite DJs being Zedd and Martin Garix.

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