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Brendan has been doing absolutely amazing! He finished his first semester of 8th grade with As & Bs and 1 C (79). Despite his sick days, and all doctor appointments he is still able to keep up with his work. We are so proud of his determination.


He started Volleyball season and is doing very well. He’s learning a new position (setter) and doing well. He applied for a spot in a STEM program they have during the summer and he’s hoping he will get in because he loves learning about science! He hopes to be an astronomer one day.


We are so very thankful for CC4C for providing so many services to help him along his journey and to know he has so many people here to support him!


Despite all of the absences from Brendan’s Doctor appointments and days of not feeling well, we recently received an update from the spring star testing. Brendan managed to MASTER his reading STAR TEST. Which means he scored higher than children his age! We are very proud of him and how far he has come. He has not let his diagnosis hold him back.



Brendan DJ

Brendan was able to tryout for Austin Juniors Boy’s Volleyball Team.

He made it on to the Cedar Park’s 14u Boys team! He will be able to practice twice a week and play in tournaments with one out of state tournament (with a possibility of one more out of state tournament).

He is so excited to be able to play despite his diagnosis.

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