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Tyler's Dream Journal 


Age 14

Motto: "Never Give Up"
Diagnoses: Rare Genetic Brain Malformation
High School Team: San Marcos Men's Basketball


Tyler and his Dream Team, San Marcos High School Basketball team.  Tyler was made honorary coach and to this day, is still coaching his favorite team.

Tyler & SM Basketball Team
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August 2020


Tyler was born after a normal pregnancy. However, delays were noticed by his mother the day he was born. While doctors kept ignoring her, stating that he would catch up, Tyler overcame many illnesses and continued to see multiple specialists and therapists since birth.


After 4 brain MRIs and an exonerated gene sequencing, Tyler was diagnosed with a rare genetic brain malformation in May 2017. Since then, Tyler has progressed with all of his therapies and is doing very well in school.


Tyler absolutely loves basketball. He also enjoys reading, swimming, and playing on his iPad. His elementary school, church, and large family network are strong supporters of him and his family.

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