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August 2014

Ty’s started showing signs of health problems a little more than seven years ago. Over the course of time, he has been given 20 different diagnoses with no treatment or explanation. He has been diagnosed with primary hyperoxaluria, a disease that causes repeated kidney stones, enteric hyperoxluria, celiac disease, failure-to-thrive, anorexia, gastroparesis, gastrointestinal motility disorder, asthma, REM sleep behavior disorder, a weakened immune system, gastroesphogeal reflux disease, executive function disorder, secondary ADHD, significant short-term memory impairment, adjustment disorder with anxiety and fibromyalgia.


Genetic doctors have found out that Ty has a defect in his mitochondrial DNA, something doctors haven’t seen before. He also has several cystic fibrosis genetic mutations in his DNA, but they don’t quite fit the normal cystic fibrosis profile. Ty has visited a world-renowned gastrointestinal motility specialist at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio to find out why he cannot eat, drink or grow like other kids. Doctors determined that his colon does not work on its own. He is on several medications, infusions and a gluten-free, low oxalate, low sodium and high potassium diet. Ty has a MICKEY Button feeding tube to help him get stronger and feel better.

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