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Each fall, we kick off our new season with Team Up - an event that pairs our Champion Children as honorary team members of their Dream Teams under the bright lights of our stage of champions! This priceless experience sparks the beginning of a special relationship that leads to increased community support, confidence-building and pure joy for our Champion Children. Dream Teams also find inspiration and compassion as they include their honorary teammates in the season's activities.


Team Up is usually attended by several hundred people, so this year we had to get a little creative to keep all kids safe! We facilitated individual introductions between our children and a few Dream Team members - and then enjoyed tasty ice cream treats to go, courtesy of our wonderful friends at D'Lites!


 We're grateful to D'Lites, H-E-B, Shea Wylen - photographer, Time Knot Forgotten photography and Lake Hills Church for their annual support for this special event!

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