Sustaining & Alumni Program 

The Sustaining Child Program is made up of the children who have completed the Champion Child Program. Once a child completes his/her two year Champion Child commitment, s/he transitions to CC4C’s sustaining program.

The children involved in the Sustaining Program participate in this program until they reach their 19th birthday.

The number of children in the Sustaining Child Program continues to grow annually and has now more than tripled the number of children in the Champion Child Program.

The Sustaining Children continue to participate in CC4C events, the Mental Health and Wellness Program and the Financial Assistance Program. 

Our Alumni are comprised of kids that have reached age 19 and completed the program. It also includes Champion children that have found a diagnosis that is not defined as a rare condition. Our Alumni, despite the reason they are Alumni, have experienced what CC4C has to offer and they are some of our most passionate advocates. We will continue to spread awareness and ease the burden for families with children with rare and/or undiagnosed conditions with our Alumni’s continued support.

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