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Solana's 10th birthday was so full of love and joy!  Solana got her ears pierced for her 10th birthday!



Solana2 2023.JPG

Solana is VERY creative - She spends most of her free time writing songs, painting, drawing, and so on...  Over the past few weeks she's been very focused on her "Rock Store" just outside our patio.  She collects a handful of rocks each day, and paints them, and then leaves them out for people in the neighborhood to take.  

At first I thought it was sweet, and something for her to enjoy, but I quickly saw just how much people in our neighborhood were enjoying it also - people have been so appreciative for her beautiful art!  

When we take walks in the neighborhood we see her beautiful art on people's patios, in their yards, in flower pots, etc.

Solana 2023.JPG
Solana3 2023 (1).JPG
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