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You've Opened New Doors!

With a diagnosis of PCDH19 Epilepsy, a rare form of childhood-onset epilepsy, 14-year-old CC4C Champion Child Isabella and her family had been searching and advocating for years, in an effort to manage daily life with her condition.

“I felt like the door was closed - we were done. We’d tried it all. Maybe someday new medications would be approved, but we’d tried diets, surgeries, all of it,” said Isabella’s mom, Sara.

Isabella joined the CC4C family as a Champion Child in August, and her mom joyfully shared that it felt like the door swung wide open.

“I didn’t even know this was a prayer that could be answered – I don’t know what CC4C will mean for Isabella, but I already know it’s life-changing. We’ve gained a network to lean on and a place to ask questions, get new treatment ideas, maybe lead us a to a new doctor – I have no words because there are already so many intangible and incredible things that have come from it.”

As the family learns more about the CC4C network of supports, Isabella’s mom shared an appreciation that there is programming for everyone – support groups for moms, an understanding of the need for sibling support and most importantly – removing financial barriers for families facing complex treatment, therapies and diagnosis. “What makes CC4C stand out is the way they wrap services around the entire family and child. There are programs that do one or the other (or focus on health but not wellness) – we love that CC4C does it all. We’re so grateful.”

By wrapping Isabella and her family in the CC4C circle of support, you’ve not only provided direct financial assistance for expenses not covered by insurance, but also offered the priceless gift of hope. We’re grateful to you for holding the door open for Isabella and all CC4C children.

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