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A Celebration When Community and Connection are More Important Than Ever

“What we want more than anything is for Isabella and her siblings to have a community - and people outside of us who support them,” says CC4C Champion Child Isabella’s mom, Sara. To prioritize that value, the family moved from Iowa to Texas several years ago to be closer to extended family.

Isabella has also benefitted from a network of strong special education support team at her school, her church youth group and family, and participation in theater and dance at her local cultural arts center.

With a diagnosis of PCDH19 Epilepsy, a rare form of childhood-onset epilepsy, daily life is complicated enough for Isabella and her family – let alone the disruptions caused by COVID-19.

Because of her medically complex condition, Isabella and her two siblings are quarantined at home with their parents and participating in school and other activities virtually. In some ways, this has allowed Isabella the additional flexibility she needs to do things like nap or rest between classes, but as a people-person, it’s hard on her. “Isabella loves people – she can see our extended family, but not being able to hug and show affection…it’s hard.”

Over the summer, Isabella joined the CC4C family as a Champion Child and was matched with Lake Travis High School Theater Arts as an honorary member of the team. It was a big treat for her to briefly meet with a few of them in August at CC4C’s Team Up day. She also received a bag full of bracelets with her personal motto – “You Go Girl!” - to hand out to family and friends on Team Isabella!

“Isabella was so excited, and she wrote cards to give to people along with her bracelets. For her, the visual of the bracelet with a motto means that they support HER. This is especially meaningful to us now – when we can’t see as many people in person,” says Sara.

To uplift our children safely with abundant community support, CC4C hosted the inaugural Parade 2 Uplift on October 18th. Isabella and eleven other Austin-area children were treated to a personal car parade! Each parade was attended by high school teams, each child’s VIP Advocate, family, friends and neighbors. This beautiful day not only celebrated our children, but raised over $100,000 to provide direct financial assistance to CC4C families for medical expenses not covered by insurance.

Although the pandemic has significantly affected daily life for our families, the spirit of our CC4C mission to uplift and build support teams is stronger (and more important) than ever. That is because of you. THANK YOU for being a community for Isabella and all our children and families.

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