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Nola has been trying to toilet train for the last year. Over the summer we became more intentional without success. Yesterday we moved to a more intense program and she’s finally having success!!! She’s so proud of herself!


Nola participated in a team sport for the first time! Nola is an only child and struggles with taking turns and sharing. As she emotionally grows I’m working on getting her to be more social with her peers. She started playing baseball with the Miracle League this weekend. She really liked it, especially when they played the chicken dance song. 
We also met with her rheumatologist  this week. She received a good report on her arthritis!!! Flexibility is improving and showing no signs of additional arthritis. With the good news we got her adaptive bike out and went for a spin!


Nola Ratliff 2-2023.jpeg

I received a message from Nola’s vision impairment stating it’s such a joy to watch Nola work so hard on her schoolwork and enjoy doing it. The last few years of school have been extremely difficult for her. It fills my heart to know she’s finally enjoying being there. She also received a Cosmo Kudos from her teacher!

Nola School Note 2-2023.jpeg
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