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Irene got to have birthday fun at Urban Air and her VIP Advocate Dr. Susan Rao and members of her team/Dripping Springs Cheer stopped by to celebrate her!
Irene BDay 1.jpg
Irene BDay 2.jpg
Irene BDay 3.jpg


Irene had a fantastic cheer season with the high school cheerleaders. She loves the football games. We come early and stay until the school song is sung! says Irene's mom, Mindy.
Irene Cheer.jpeg
Irene on top.jpeg


Irene's Halloween Festivities with her family!
Irene Halloween Family 1.jpeg
Irene Halloween Family 2.jpeg
Irene as Wonderwoman. How adorable!
Irene Wonderwoman 1.jpeg
Irene Wonderwoman 2.jpeg
Irene Wonderwoman 3.jpeg


First day of school First school bus ride! Irene was so excited to see her bus driver and aid!!
She also has joined the YMCA swim team!! She loves the independence of an after school sport!
Irene Swim Photo.jpg

August 2020

Irene was born with a genetic deletion called Williams Syndrome. Williams Syndrome is a rare condition where 25-27 genes are deleted causing special health challenges, cognitive delays, and social inhibitions. Some of the challenges she faces are pulmonary stenosis, extreme learning challenges, and hearing and vision impairments. There is currently no cure or solution for this condition.


Despite these challenges, she is an amazing child, who’s outgoing spirit can charm anyone! She loves people and will quickly become your best friend by asking you questions about your family and pets. She enjoys jumping on the trampoline, music and watching movies

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