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CC4C invites families with children up to age 18 who have a rare or undiagnosed medical condition and are Texas residents to apply for financial assistance for medical expenses not covered by insurance.


Applications are due by June 30th and are reviewed when submitted.



  • Any child up to age 18 who has a rare or undiagnosed medical condition – current Champion and Sustaining CC4C Children are NOT eligible.

  • Child is a Texas resident

  • Reimbursement for expenses NOT covered by insurance (list of eligible expenses below)

  • Expense receipts dated August 1, 2021 through date of submission

  • Limited to maximum of $5000 per family

Eligible expenses include: medical visits, medical supplies, dental, adaptive equipment, assistive technology, accessibility modifications and equipment, service animal training, mental health services, patient health record management services, respite care, therapies (ex: acupuncture, equine, in-home, etc.), potty training, tutoring/education for specific learning needs (ex: Braille), chiropractic care, medications, supplements (prescribed by practitioner with official letterhead for line item), adaptive camps/clinics/experiences, travel to medical facilities/appointments (airline, hotel, gas, etc.)  


Please note that if you have already received a previous grant from CC4C you may still apply, but new applications will take priority.



Please complete the form below to submit your request, including:

  • Parent identification documenting residency (drivers license, passport, etc.)

  • Receipts as proof of payment (must be in a PDF format to upload). Please note that if receipts are not attached, your application will not be considered.

  • Reimbursement grants will be made directly to families, not providers. Checks will be mailed within 7-10 business days of approved submissions. Please cash checks within 14 days of receiving.

Grants made are subject to the availability of funds and are at the sole discretion of CC4C. 

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